microsoft regional directors

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The Microsoft Regional Director program has a new logo. In keeping with the spirit of Microsoft's 2012 corporate and product line rebranding, the RD logo was refashioned to reflect their new design asthetic:

The Logo

sizes of PNG images to choose from, with two variations: background or transparent background.


logo 96 pixels
336x96 pixels white
336x96 pixels transparent


672x192 pixels white


Compare the new logo with the previous version, which was in use for the past decade. It featured the as-of-then corporate typeface with a narrow band of the four primary Microsoft colors.

rd logo prior to 2013

Then contrast the new logo within the larger Microsoft product family like Office and Xbox.

More details about the logo files

Explore the source code at github.

Usage Guidelines PDF

We put together usage guidelines for the logo in a convienent 5-page PDF.


Download all the images in one 1.5M zip file. Contents are:

msrd-logo-96px.png                2,473 bytes
msrd-logo-96px-alpha.png          2,473
msrd-logo-192px.png               5,444
msrd-logo-192px-alpha.png         5,308
msrd-logo-384px.png              11,927
msrd-logo-384px-alpha.png        11,557
msrd-logo.eps                   523,270
msrd-guidelines.pdf           1,266,849



Built in Point Richmond, California (and a little bit in Reno, NV)